How To Ace Your EMT Test: 6 Activities You Should Do In Preparation

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How To Ace Your EMT Test: 6 Activities You Should Do In Preparation

7 October 2022
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An EMT (emergency medical technician) is an admirable profession that can provide immense personal satisfaction. However, before you can start helping others, you need to ace your EMT certification exam. Here are six activities you will likely do in EMT test prep. 

Know the Exam Format

The first step in preparing for any test is understanding what format the exam will take. The EMT certification exam is a computer-adaptive test (CAT). This means that the test will present you with a series of questions, and based on your answers to those questions, there are subsequent questions. Therefore, it's important that you answer each question as accurately as possible, as these early questions will set the tone for the rest of the exam. 


This one should go without saying, but it's important that you study the material thoroughly. Choose ideal study aids and make sure you also set aside time to sit down and go through the material. Highlight important information, make flashcards—do what can help you get yourself familiar with the material.

Take Practice Exams 

Once you feel like you have a good handle on the material, it's time to start taking some practice exams. This will not only help identify any areas where you may still need some studying, but it will also help get you comfortable with the CAT format of the EMT exam. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Getting plenty of rest leading up to your exam is important. Not only will this help ensure that you're well-rested and alert on exam day, but studies have shown that sleep aids in memory consolidation.

Dress Comfortably 

You want to be comfortable so you can focus on the exam and not on what you're wearing. For example, you can wear layers in case the room is too hot or cold. 


On the day of your exam, it's important to get to the testing center early so you can relax and clear your head before taking the test. Once you're seated at your computer, you can take a few deep breaths in readiness for your EMT exam. This can ensure you're calm and can remember most of the content you had earlier read.

Taking time to properly prepare for your EMT test can pay off come test day. By getting plenty of rest, dressing comfortably, reviewing key content areas, and relaxing your mind, you can walk into the testing center feeling confident and ready to ace the exam.

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