Simple Ways A Nurse Coach Can Improve Your Confidence At Work

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Simple Ways A Nurse Coach Can Improve Your Confidence At Work

27 December 2019
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Nurses are the heroes to many, and they can be the greatest source of comfort and knowledge for a patient. One has to excel through a great deal of training in order to become a nurse, but that's just the beginning. A nurse needs to continue to learn throughout their career. That can come in the form of simply learning about new medications or being a part of continuing professional training. If you want to improve your effectiveness as a nurse, consider these simple ways that a nurse coach can help you feel more confident at work:

A Nurse Coach Can Help You Overcome Compassion Fatigue

As all nurses know, the work is demanding on every level. You may deal with patients who are relying on you to help meet both physical and emotional needs. Over time, comforting patients can be exhausting, and sometimes even the most caring nurses can experience significant compassion fatigue. A coach can work with you on an individual basis to help you discern what is causing the compassion fatigue. They can offer suggestions on how to overcome it and then prevent it in the future. 

A Nurse Coach Can Help You Solve a Variety of Professional Problems 

If you have hit a roadblock in your professional life and you aren't sure how to fix the problem, a coach can step in and help you work through the issues behind the problem. With an objective viewpoint and a focus on helping you succeed, your coach can offer constructive criticism and practical advice. They may offer suggestions that you can try out. Then, if it doesn't work, you can work with the coach on other solutions. 

A Nurse Coach Can Strengthen Your Communication Skills

Nurses need to be able to optimally communicate with patients to thrive in their positions. However, every person has limits when it comes to communication skills. By observing and providing detailed suggestions on how you can strengthen your own communication skills, the nurse coach can guide you through improving them. They can offer insights on better ways to practice tools such as active listening. They can also help you strengthen your nonverbal communications skills which are often not even taught to nurses. 

A Nurse Coach Can Help You Set Better Boundaries

No nurse can possibly master a perfect separation of their personal and professional lives. With such long hours and extreme schedules, who could expect that? However, self-care needs to be a priority for each nurse. A nurse coach can help you discern ways that you can more effectively set boundaries to protect yourself and preserve your energy. 

Finally, a nurse coach job fills a niche that is empowering for both the nurses and the coaches. Working together to help patients have the best experience possible, what's not to love about striving to be the best you can be in this important line of work? Enlisting the help of a nurse coach can change both big and small things in your career.