Why You Should Take Your Kids On A Field Trip To The Local Space Museum

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Why You Should Take Your Kids On A Field Trip To The Local Space Museum

27 January 2020
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Most kids know what "outer space" is from a young age, but learning the finer details can take time. If your school wants to start introducing an astronomy class or additional ways to teach your kids about the stars, you might be in the planning stages for how you will get your children to engage with this new material. One possibility you might not have considered is to jump start or supplement your teachings with a trip to the local space museum or space exhibit. Here's how a field trip can help out with your astronomy curriculum.

It's Far More Interactive Than a Textbook

Sure, your teachers can talk about Mars or Pluto till they're blue in the face, but reading about a planet in a textbook or listening to a teacher simply talk about the moon might not be the most effective way to engage your students about this subject, especially if it's a younger grade. Many students learn or pick up on concepts more easily when there are additional visual elements involved. Your local space museum likely has a variety of exhibits that can help bring the universe to life. Whether it's a video presentation that allows students to see outer space in a way they've never thought about before or a hands-on exhibit that lets kids actually "touch" outer space, your local space museum has the tools you need to reinforce your lesson plans while keeping your students entertained.

Re-Focus Your Students By Letting Someone Else Talk for a Change

One of the best benefits of field trips from a teaching perspective is that your teachers pretty much have the day off. What we mean is that while they'll still be there to chaperone, it is likely the museum's staff that will do most of the teaching or direct engagement with the kids. Even if your students have a good relationship with their teachers, it can often help with focus and engagement to hear a different adult offer their perspective. It might also give some students greater appreciation for their own teacher if they are getting many of the things that their teacher already told them reinforced by the museum staff.

Space is Exciting and So Are Field Trips

There's just something about outer space that gets people to pay attention. If your school can only afford one or two field trips this year, a trip to the local space museum is likely a good investment. You won't have to worry about a child getting bored or falling asleep because space exhibits are often very hands-on or just mesmerizing to behold. It's a much more engaging experience than say, casually glancing at artwork at a local art museum.

Give your students an exciting field trip that they'll remember for years with a trip to the local space museum