How Pre-School Helps Children Who Lose A Parent At A Young Age

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How Pre-School Helps Children Who Lose A Parent At A Young Age

3 February 2020
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Parents are an absolute necessity for any child because they help to direct their development and give them a better understanding of the world around them. Unfortunately, children who lose parents at a young age may experience trauma that impacts their development for years. Thankfully, pre-school can help in many ways.

Losing a Parent Very Young Could Affect a Child's School Development

When a pre-kindergarten child loses a parent at a young age, they are going to experience a high level of trauma. While losing a parent at any age is tough, doing so when a child needs them the most is particularly hard. The child may struggle to develop as a person in ways that can be hard to predict and which may trigger a myriad of related developmental problems before they get to kindergarten.

Unfortunately, trauma can quickly develop into a serious issue that makes a child hard to handle in school. They may act out in frustration or struggle to focus on their work. Some may even take out their grief through anger and become a bully and act out in problematic ways. As a result, a child in this situation may need the help of high-quality pre-school education to avoid complications in their development.

How Pre-School Helps

Studies have shown, time and time again, that pre-school is a powerful way for children to learn important behavioral lessons before they go to kindergarten. In pre-school, children learn how to interact with others, play and share their tools, when to listen to a teacher, and proper behavior for a classroom. In this way, they are better prepare for the demands of this intense social situation.

And for children who experienced the trauma of losing a parent, this care can be particularly beneficial. Instead of being thrown to the wolves a year later in kindergarten, they can get specialized attention to professionals who understand their needs. They can then be taught various techniques that help them stay happy in school and prevent the development of other emotional troubles at the same time.

It is important to remember that pre-school is not a total treatment method for anxiety and depression related to trauma. A child suffering with these emotions may still need professional psychological help to manage their emotions. However, pre-school can help them learn how to interact socially in a large environment and give them a great chance at becoming well-adjusted and happy later in life. For more information, contact a company like Learning Tree Schools today.